A Message From Dr Becky Spacke

After losing her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease, Dr Becky took a proactive approach to treatment and prevention.

Dr Becky Spacke is a Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioner in Aurora, Colorado. Her mission is to help Alzheimer’s patients minimize or reverse this debilitating disease … and help prevent Alzheimer’s from developing in those with concerning risk factors.

A Message From Dr Becky Spacke

Dr Dale Bredesen, MD, wrote a New York Times best-selling book, entitled The End of Alzheimer’s. This book shook the medical community (and me, as well). Unfortunately for my family, this book was not published until AFTER my mother passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr Bredesen’s book provides such hope and encouragement for people with Alzheimer’s, their caregivers, and people worried about getting this dreadful disease.

I was so inspired by Dr Bredesen’s work that I reached out to his office to see if he offered training for health-care professionals. I was in luck. His protocol is offered through The Institute for Functional Medicine.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to take this amazing coursework. I am looking forward to assisting you and/or your loved ones on this journey to improved health.

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Dr Becky Spacke and her mother, Mary Helen Brown.

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